Monday, December 2, 2013

Some of my more recent nail designs but not all

Just thought I'd put together a small post of some designs I have done lately but this is not all of them,I will post other posts with more so not to overwhelm you with them all in one post lol.
Polishes used in these designs are made by a few if my favorite indie polish brands...BlackCatLacquer,Lacquerlicious,GlamPolish .wingdust collection and Xoxo nails candy  ...the last design was for my sons birthday last month ...he loves his hot wheels cars so I had to paint one on my nails for him lol

Will post more soon but in the mean time enjoy these nail designs and AND I highly recommend checking out those indie polish brands I mentioned above!!!








David Bowie nail art

If your a child of the 80's then you might know who this is and possible even like them lol ...the nail polish used is by Glampolish named Ziggy Stardust and I did some matching nail art using acrylic paints and a very fine tipped detailing paint brush .... I'm not all that good with painting known people so I'm very happy with how this turned out