Thursday, January 17, 2013

New York inspired Nail Art

I live in upstate new york in a small little town..nothing happens here...unlike NYC...complete opposite much going on!! was there once and it was a my new nail design was inspired by the big apple

here are the steps i took to create this design

i forgot to take photos on how i created the lines so let me tell you how i did it

1. painted my nails white with essie-blanc.
2.i placed striping tape across my nails with even spaces between...did it to all my nails making sure that each strip of tape lined up to create a connecting design.
3.with red paint and a sponge dab paint paint across your nails...starting off full coverage then to a fade 
4.remove tape..if red paint seeped under the tape just get a thin brush and white paint to clean up your lines

and here are photos of the rest of the steps i did 


Gelic said...

Oh, this was so beautiful. I especially liked that the "flag" looked "old" with the sponge effect. You're so talented! :)

Margaret said...

this is so awesome. I love the fading!