Saturday, January 26, 2013

DC Comic Nail Art

i got a WILD idea but once i started it i was like damn..what have i gotten myself into lol.
I soon discovered that i should have did this design on a bigger scale but figured since ive already started i might as well keep going

so here is what i hand painted on my not entirely happy with them..not to happy with how the faces turned out but for such a small sie i cant really not a master artist so in that sense they are ok.

i do however like how superman's "package" turned out lol

i tried to get a good photo...but out of the many i took this is the best i could get..the shine kept getting in the way..maybe a matte top coat would have worked better

Thursday, January 17, 2013

New York inspired Nail Art

I live in upstate new york in a small little town..nothing happens here...unlike NYC...complete opposite much going on!! was there once and it was a my new nail design was inspired by the big apple

here are the steps i took to create this design

i forgot to take photos on how i created the lines so let me tell you how i did it

1. painted my nails white with essie-blanc.
2.i placed striping tape across my nails with even spaces between...did it to all my nails making sure that each strip of tape lined up to create a connecting design.
3.with red paint and a sponge dab paint paint across your nails...starting off full coverage then to a fade 
4.remove tape..if red paint seeped under the tape just get a thin brush and white paint to clean up your lines

and here are photos of the rest of the steps i did 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Blue Floral Bloom Nail Art

You dont see me doing much of any floral themed is a very rare sight to see i have done one..i do like floral nail art but i dunno why i dont do them more i thought i would do one

i started off with doing a jelly sandwich using china glaze-ride the waves and Different Dimension - curiosity 

i LOVE how these 2 polishes look together..

then next with acrylic,white and baby blue i painted on a swirl type design

i'll be this point i hated it!! was about to say to hell with it but decided i should do a little more to see if i can make it look better so i added more of the swirl design to the rest of my nails and then painted on a couple of flowers.

Im very happy i decided to keep going because i LOVE the finished design

Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year Resolution Nail Art

i wasnt going to but decided i needed to make this new year resolution and STICK TO IT!!! i started working out last year towards the end of summer and was doing good for a few months..lost 14-17lbs but for some reason i just lost motivation altogether ... i have however been good on my eating habits and while i have gained some weight back its only been about 4lbs so really not bad


Im fed up being a fat a** and i WILL achieve my goal of loosing 40lbs!!


while this is not a complete step by step photo tutorial it does however show how i achieved the finished design.

Friday, January 4, 2013

My Vulnerable Heart - Nail Art

I got an idea and it was one of those that just wouldnt ease up until i completed it and im happy i did it because i love this design i tutorial for it as it was one of those designs that just prior plans to do it so i do apologize..not sure if i will attempt a tutorial either because it was alot of tedious work.


I started off with a white base using essie blanc..then on top i used a few coats of an indie polish brand called wickedpolish - the name of the polish is hematoma.
then with red,blue,white and black acrylic paints and a very fine detailing brush i painted the heart and veins