Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pop Tart Nail Art

I recently bought a new polish called Frost My Tart from Nailsauce...its a white base polish filled will pretty glitters and it looks like the icing youd see on pop 9yr old daughter saw it and was like "omg mom its look SO pretty!!it looks like pop tarts!! i LOVE should paint pop tarts on your nails!" so i did!


not a whole lot to explain on how i did these...used acrylic paints..tan,medium brown,white,purple and blue ...first painted on the tan paint to the shape of a pop tart..then mixed a little of the medium brown to the tan to create shading on the tart..once dried paint the frosting with white on the tart,then with a small dotter dot on blue and purple dots....then lastly with the medium brown paint,a very thin detailing brush and a very light hand ..paint thin little lines going along the sides of the tart..Once all dry apply your top coat and your done!!