Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Glitter Gradient - nail art

I LOVE LOVE holo polishes,glitter polishes and all the shimmy shammy polishes..the other day i actually found 2 OPI DS polishes and snatched those babies up!! another recent buy was stroke of brilliance by essie..i wanted to wear one of my new opi ds polishes so i chose Reserve as my base color and then with stroke of brilliance i did a gradient on top...i absolutely love this mani!!

In The Grey - Nail Art

i recently went a little mad on buying nail polishes..lol but i picked up some new sinful colors polishes from their new fall collection..two of those colors were greys..Smokin and Jungle trail..had also picked up a new Sally hansen gem crush glitz gal....so i decided to try doing and all grey themed design.

used Smokin as my base color,then over that applied a thick layer of Sally hansen glitz gal..on the ring and thumb nails i applied some spriping tape then applied ungle trail on top,then removed the taps so id have lines of glitter showing through

Monday, September 3, 2012

Angry Birds inspired nail art

who hasnt played angry birds at least once?? some people dont care for the game but most like myself really enjoy it.ive seen alot of angry bird nail art out there but i wanted to try it out for myself...do like an action scene ...and this is what i did!!...all painted with acrylic paints,a fine detailing brush,alot of time required as well as patience 

here are photos of the process 

And heres a better photo of the finished design


i first applied a gloss top coat but was to shinny to get a good photo so i then applied a matte top coat and that worked out so much better.

so what do you think? im very happy with the out come

Tribal Tattoo Nail Art

My favorite style of tattoos are tribal...i have a few myself so i decided to paint tribal tattooed nails

used all acrylic paints for the design and base color

what you think?