Wednesday, July 11, 2012

L'oreal BB Cream - Youth Code

So im just now finding out that l'oreal has 2 YES 2!!! bb creams..was at CVS today and saw it..and of course that beauty addict in me had to get it


so when i got home i opened it up..comparing it to the other l'oreal bb cream this one is heavier and also it has a strong scent to it..smells like a perfume floral something!! i cant really describe the smell but its not bad just a little strong in scent then what i like.


it is thick and creamy ... works into the skin nicely

i didnt try it on my face though BUT i did try it on the back of my hand and took a photo of my hands side by side to see the difference...i see a huge difference but what do you think?

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