Monday, February 27, 2012

Craft Store Haul

Apart from doing nail art and makeup .... i ALSO create things with polymer clay and make jewelry too.
So i went to Micheals craft store today to pick up some more polymer clay and as usual i ended up buying a whole bunch of other
Alot of the extra stuff i bought was on clearance so the deals were to good to pass up

so here is all that i bought...nothing i need to explain what it is
you should check out your local Micheals to see if there is anything on clearance as you find some interesting stuff


JaeMarie2008 said...

Awesome! It's getting that time to make beaded jewelry especially for spring and summer time!! Have fun crafting!! =D

Cajanails said...

This weekend i ordered some stuff for making jewelery too! I'm gonna try it though, haven't done it before!