Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Betty Boop polymer Clay Pendant + more

I have been into creating stuff from polymer clay the past week...i really enjoy it but its one of those things i have to be in the mood to do otherwise it turns into a hot mess...i got the whim to create Betty Boop the other night and i finally finished it today...turned out better then i thought it would

the brand of clay i used is fimo

I hand sculpted this in sections starting with the head shape,then added on black clay for the hair..rolled and cut out a large purple backing.
once all baked and cooled down i then hand painted the entire face and curls on the face..for the lips i mixed glitter from eye kandy-named Cherry Bomb and a clear polish then applied it to the lips


I also made these fortune cookie key rings recently 


here are older ones i did back around christmas time...the stocking with the names were custom orders


And here are some floral pendant i made

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