Thursday, January 12, 2012

Some Recent nail designs from the past several months

I have been M.I.A from my blog for awhile which i apologize for but back in September i gave birth to my 4th child via c-section..he is now 3 months old..boy has the time flown by! but here is my lil man

he as well as my 3 other kids have kept me busy but i have managed to find times for myself to do some new nail art designs and also makeup looks but in this post i am going to share my nail designs...will post another post for the makeup looks i have done.

but anyways here are photos of some recent designs..some are from a few months before i gave birth and some are from after..hope you all like


c.lette said...

i liked alot of your designs and its good to have you back!

purplespeckl3 said...

Aww he's so adorable!! Love his lil cheeks!!

Is that zebra design a nail dress sticker by KISS? Just wondering, it looks like it. If it's not then you did an AMAZING job. Wow. Great nail designs!

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