Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer Time Nail Art Winners Announced!!!-re-did

Ok so before I announce NEW winners...I had to remove the person I first chose as 1st place winner as she didnt follow the rules..Im very disappointed by this...It wasnt fair to all the other people who entered.Thank you everyone who brought it to my attention of what was going on...I like to take everyone for their word but I guess at times im just a sucker..

but anyways...Im going to fix this right now

so here are all the entries that QUALIFIED!!-- there was also one other entry I forgot to include last time but its in now


sooooooooooooo because I had to disqualify the person I first chose as 1st placewinner I think its only far the my second place winner takes that spot! 1st place winner is......

And the NEW 2nd place winner is ...........

THIS is art!! so much detailing and shows a wonderful picture of a summer day...very beautiful

Congrats to the 2 winners and very sorry for all the dishonesty that has happened!!

It has really left a horrible taste in my mouth!!

Rules are there for a reason!! and it is your responsibility to make sure you read the rules and follow them!
I like to take everyone for their word and because of this i feel like an ass!

but anyways...again i want to thank everyone who entered,please dont let this bring you down if you didnt win..there is always a next time :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Thanks for entering my 1st ever Blog contest!

Hey everyone!...yesterday was the last day to get your entries in for my contest and so it is officially OVER!!
Want to say a big THANK YOU to all who entered! I was amazed by the amount of entries i got and you all did a fantastic job on your designs!!

Please allow me a few days to pick winners and I also wanted to ask you if it would be ok with you if i could post all your entries in a blog post to show them off ?

but anyways..again thank you all so so much for entering...i Will announce winners soon!
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