Friday, June 24, 2011

SunSet Eye Makeup- Sleek Cosmetics

A very good friend of mine sent me a few Makeup items in the mail today...theartismakeup ...she is a great friend with great makeup on her name and it will take you to her Youtube Page

But in the goodies she sent me was a Sleek Makeup Palette

This my first ever Sleek Makeup so I was sooo excited to try t out and omg!!..I LOVE it!! ..the pigmentation is amazing!

And so with this being the Sunset palette I created a Sunset Makeup look

I dont have a tutorial on how I create this but i did take a photo showing you what colors i used and where i placed them on my lid

I plan on buying more Palettes from Sleek..i have my eyes on the Acid palette esp!!

1 comment:

TheArtIsMakeup said...

wowie love the look! and im so happy you like your stuff! :D