Sunday, June 26, 2011

TrueBlood Inspired Makeup-- Crying Blood

I love the show TrueBlood...then again I love alot of things that are vampire related.We bought season 3 of TrueBlood and had a DVD Marathon...afterwards I felt the need to come up with a Makeup look inspired by the tonight I did

Here is the Look

If you have watched the show you know what happens to Vampires when they cry...well here you go..

I thought the look was nice before..but i loved it so much more with the

Products used

Sugarpill cosmetics - pressed eyeshadows in Tako and love Plus
Elf -single black eyeshadow
NYX -jumbo pencil in black
Urban Decay primer
Wet n Wild- black pencil eyeliner
Make-Up Studio - Ruby Red
Mascara- Pupa Diva's Lashes

And Fake blood

Friday, June 24, 2011

SunSet Eye Makeup- Sleek Cosmetics

A very good friend of mine sent me a few Makeup items in the mail today...theartismakeup ...she is a great friend with great makeup on her name and it will take you to her Youtube Page

But in the goodies she sent me was a Sleek Makeup Palette

This my first ever Sleek Makeup so I was sooo excited to try t out and omg!!..I LOVE it!! ..the pigmentation is amazing!

And so with this being the Sunset palette I created a Sunset Makeup look

I dont have a tutorial on how I create this but i did take a photo showing you what colors i used and where i placed them on my lid

I plan on buying more Palettes from Sleek..i have my eyes on the Acid palette esp!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I am now On Facebook!!

I wanted to do a fan page on facebook for awhile now but wasnt sure if people would be interested but the other day i said to hell with gonna make one...and so i did!!

so if you would be interested in following on there then please click the link below...right now i dont have much on there..just photos of some of my nail designs and Makeup looks.I do have future plans like giveways,contests fun stuff!! but yeah im now on facebook and would love for you to follow! <3


Summer Time Makeup Looks

I havent touched my makeup in the past few months but the other day I couldnt resist getting out my eyeshadows and creating

for both looks i used SugarPill cosmetics...i have to say they are my go-to them!

This first look is so tropical! i had seen alot of people doing these bright fun looks lately so i wanted to give it a try...not bad for my 1st time!!

Products used are
NYX white jumbo pencile
pressed eyeshadows from sugarpill- Dolliepop(pink) Tako(white) After Party(blue).
I used a yellow eyeshadow i picked up at a CVS ages ago
Black eyeliner-Kryolan Aqua Color in black
and in the crease I used just small amount of black shadow just to give it some depth!

For this next look I call pretty in Pink..i dont wear just pink much and was playing around with it..i like it

Products used

NYX white jumbo pencil
Dolliepop(pink) from Sugarpill cosmetics
Used a pale shimmery purple on center of my lids- bought it from a drug store ages ago
Black eyeliner- Maybelline-liquid black stiletto eyeliner

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Purple Cut crease Eye Makeup using WnW Lust Palette

Im not really known for my Makeup looks,Just mainly my nail art but I do like to play around with makeup...granted its been awhile since i last did but i got the urge to use my WetnWild lust palette.
Im really Impressed with this palette..its very pigmented and easy to blend...Wet n Wild sure have come a LONG way !!

here are photos of the finished look....then followed by a video tutorial on how i created it

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Disney Babies-Mickey & Minnie Mouse inspired Nail Art

Do you know Robin Moses from youtube ? well she did a recent nail art design on  Mickey & Minnie Mouse ... i got very inspired by it and it gave me an idea do also do a Mickey & Minnie Mouse design but instead of coping her work I wanted to do it my way...So I did Disney Babies

this is the design I did

Now when i first started this design i had a WHOLE different idea...Mickey and Minnie were the same but i had a totally different plan for the rest of the nails...and half way through the design i decided to re-do the other nails and this is what i ended up with...i feel it was a fail but at the same time it worked out

I did a tutorial on this...i wasnt sure if i would just because of my screw up half way through so the tutorial isnt all the detailed with every step i took but it covers the basic info i guess....if you would like to watch well then please do!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How to paint an easy Lace nail art design + tutorial

i wanted to do another how to video. so i thought id try my hand at doing a hand painted lace design

the hardest part about this is design is not the design its self...its all about trying to keep a steady hand and also a light hand when painting in small details

the key is to practice!!! the more you practice the better your skill will be and in no time it becomes effortless!!

this is the design

Here is the tutorial i did on this design...hope you like and can learn from it