Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rio Inspired Nail Art

sooooo have you seen the new kids/family movie Rio?..if you havent well you should..its a super cute and funny movies.We went to see it as a family and my kids LOVED it!! and the colors are so bright and beautiful that it really made me want come up with something bright and colorful for my nails...and this is what i ended up with

hope you enjoy this tutorial


Angeles said...

Awesome mani! I love it!
Thanks for the tutorial.
You have amazing nails!

Beauty2244 said...

I love this!!! You make it look so easy!!
Can I ask what Orly colors you used?

MadamLuck said...

thanks girls..sorry i forgot to add the names..the gold is called Glitz,blue is called its up to blue and the pinkish is called purple crush