Saturday, May 14, 2011

Phone case decorating with clay and rhinestines

I got a new phone not to long ago and so i wanted to jazz it up.I bought a cheap clear hard case off Amazon so i could decorate it.
I got my polymer clay and sculpted out an Helly Kitty head and also made some flowers too

First time doing these so i was pretty happy with how they turned out..The one thing I learned about using this clay is that your work surface should be spotless esp when working with white as EVERY little speck of dirt will show in after i baked it and let it cool off completely I then went over it with some white paint to cover up the spots of dirt and dust...look alot better..then once all was dry i then glazes them all to give them shine

So then what i did next was trace my phone case on a piece of paper and figured out what kind of design i wanted to go with

sorry pic isnt clearer...took it with my camera phone that auto focuses and well it did a poor job...but you can see well enough of how my design was going to look..So once i had figured that out i got my craft glue and started to decorate my case

when i was done this is what i had

Im pretty happy with how it turned out but I did learn a lesson through all can never have to many rhinestones!!..there came a point where i thought i had used up all mine,but thankfully i was able to find some more!!

so what do you think??? it might be to "busy" for some people and not for everyone but its for fun and I like it


Cel said...

It turned out so cute! And I absolutely agree, you can never have enough rhinestones indeed!

Manicure Addict said...

oh i didn't see this one till now, this one is super cute too!!

purplespeckl3 said...

Omg that is Just wow. Love it!!!