Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Another phone case I designed-Girly Skull

I designed and decorated another case for my phone and I am in LOVE with this other one i made was WAY over the top...i still like it but its not for everyone..not everyone into the over kill of rhinestones but this new one i made while it still has rhinestones its no wheres near as much.

I started off with sculpting a clay skull and baking it

Once it had cooled down..using acrylic paints and some rhinestones I gave it more details...then glazed it to seal everything in


As for the case this time i decided to paint it....I drew a series of lines..painted a purple and silver pattern.Once the purple was dried and got a clear glitter polish and paint over the purple..then for the silver sections...once dry i applied nail foil glue,once that dried and applied blue and silver holographic foil to it..I also used black striping tape normally used for nails but i thought it would look good on the case so i added lines to each of the silver sections...then seal it all in with a super glossy finish...once all dry i glues my skull in the center like so

then with black and clear rhinestones in different sizes...biggest being 3mm I arranged them around the skull and spread them out some what around the case

And thats pretty much it

Heres photos of the finished case

Have I told you that I LOVE this case?

but what do you think???


~*~ Dollface ~*~ said...

Anything with skulls and I am SO there! I LOVE it!!

Manicure Addict said...

Holy Crap! You are amazing, I wish we were neighbors!!!

Crystal Phone Covers said...

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purplespeckl3 said...

Wow that's awesome!!