Friday, April 15, 2011

Nfu-Oh Nail Polish Haul with swatches

Last week I placed an order with .
I bought some Nfu-Oh polishes...Ive been wanting them for awhile now but because they cost $12.50 a bottle I kept putting it off as I think thats alot for a bottle of polish...BUT the polish addict in me got the better of me and made me

I cant remember the last time I spent that much on a bottle of polish..and even though I LOVE these polishes I still think they are a little over priced,and as for getting more anytime soon I prob wont anytime soon just because of the price...but they really are beautiful polishes!

So here is the 4 I bought and have also included swatches

And here are swatches of each of the polishes

swatches have no top coat on and the photo was taken on a warm sunny spring day!!--its about time spring got here!!


And I also picked up some beautiful gems for my nails too

So what do you think??

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Manicure Addict said...

oh i have never seen nfu gs14! i am drooling over here!!! love them all except the holo, i could live without that one!