Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Recent Makeup Looks

So I havent touched my makeup much lately..ok more like a month or 2 so i thought it was about time to get create and play around.Wasnt sure what to do but then i saw a makeup contest video on YT from ThesPNation so i thought id give it a go...the theme is ...BEAT YOUR FACE.... now when i first entered i thought "beat your face"  meant  to look beat up so this is what i did 

I was WAY off  and totally missed the bus on what he meant..lol...what he meant was beat your face means bold beautiful flawless makeup!!..so without all the blood and wounds this is what it looks like


So to make up for my misunderstanding of the first entry i went ahead i came up with another look to do and i have to say i like this one a whole lot more!!this thing that really gets your attention is the gold i used in this look.Its from Sugarpill Cosmetics...its called Goldilux-its a loose pigment..i applied it on went and it was like i was painting on my lids...I love it!!

I might do another look as im having a fun time doing something thats a really bold look and love how fabulous i feel !!!

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