Saturday, January 29, 2011

O.P.I Katy Perry MINI collection

Ok so i had to have this collection so i ended up ordering it off line because no where near me sells O.P.I polishes.
It didnt take to long in shipping so when i saw my package I got all excited...but then i opened it up and my jaw dropped!

I knew i had bought the Mini set so i knew the bottles would be small...but DAMN!! they are TINY!!

so here are the polishes i bought -- i blocked out the name because i put the polishes back in the box in the wrong order

so the names starting from left to right are

Not like the movies
Last friday night
Teenage drama
The one that got away

So i took a photo of one of the bottles next to my thumb just to show exactly how small they are

And here is each color on a nail with a top coat on - photo was taken in natural sunlight


So what are my thoughts on these...... well the colors are pretty BUT i thought with this being the Katy Perry collection that the colors would be more bold , bright and in your face but they arent..about the only one i feel that way about would be Teenage Drama...dont get me wrong these are beautiful colors but as a collection for Katy i think its a fail...maybe i will feel different after i try the with the black shatter polish (ordered on line and waiting on it) but for right now im glad i only bought the Mini set



p!nkangell3 said...

hey baby girl u´ve been awarded by my with the Stilysh Blogger Award .. post the picture from my blog with this award on urs and follow the rules !!(clik right copy it to ur desktop and the post it on ur blog)
love you !!
Andreea (^_^)

Tracy Hodgson said...

Oh wow i really love this OPI collection, great review.