Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Makeup inspired by a tattoo

So a friend of mine on YouTube Kat..a.k.a.gboottee is doing a contest and i had told her awhile back i would enter...

I spent forever searching tattoo's but this one was the one i fell in love it''

I have 6 tattoo's myself...and they are all tribal ..i love tribal tattoo's!

And so here is what i did....

I love how it turned out!!

i thought i would add a  pic of one of my tattoo's :)

it needs to be redone and have more added to it.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Halloween SFX- Facial Burn

Yes i have done another SFX burn,im having so much fun doing them!!..this time i did it do my face.so here is a photo of what i ended up doing...

I also have a tutorial on how i created this look...however im not to happy with my video..the lighting is not right and to me kinda ruins the whole look for me...but if you are interested in seeing it ...here is the link..



Friday, September 24, 2010

Another halloween SFX burn

So today i got inspired by the one and only Goldiestarling .You can find her on both Youtube and Twitter. If you dont know who she is you are missing out!!..an amazingly talented woman!

here is a link to her youtube channel


But today i saw one of her new videos on creating burns using latex and tissue paper.I have heard of people doing it that way before but she showed you so well how to do it i couldnt help but NOT do it,so i did.

It took awhile to do mainly because of the wait time for the latex to dry but it was really fun creating it the way i wanted and now that i have successfully recreated what she did ..i have a bunch of other gross things in mind to do!!

And so here is what i created.....

for the coloring i used my MUFE 12 flash color case..red,white and black,then to smooth out the color on the edges i just used some of my skin tone liquid foundation.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Halloween SFX -Rigid collodion- old scar's

I had bought some Rigid Collodion from mehron awhile back and i love this stuff!!...easiest way EVER to create scar's.
I when it drys to shrinks and drags your skin with it to give it a sunken look...but if you use it day after day DO NOT apply it to the same place you did before...because when you take it off you have to pull it off and when you do that you take some skin with it...if you where to do it on the same spot day after day you could end up with a real mark on your face!!

here is a scar i created with it

forgive my ugliness
( 'c', )

oh and i forgot to mention that this stuff is pretty cheap too!!

If you are interested on seeing how i did this i do have a video tutorial uploaded on youtube

heres the link....



Monday, September 20, 2010

Halloween Special Effects - 3rd degree burn

So today I decided to take out my liquid latex that i bought awhile ago and use it for the first time.I had seen and watched many people use it and create many things.it really got me into trying it out for my self...so i did!!.

I tried my hand at doing 3rd degree burns,and honestly it was alot easier to do then i first thought,the only hard part is getting the coloring down and make it look real!

Here is what i did...

And then i went the next step and added fake blood to it

Latex is really fun to play with,and i can see myself doing alot more with it!!

I also have a tutorial for this on my YouTube channel..if you havent already watched it here is the link to go see it!



Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nail polish haul- Initial Reviews - Photos and swatches

So today i was out and about.While out i ended up buying 7 new polishes that looked really nice and i have to say it was money well spent!...but the best part is i only spent $2 for each polish :)

I bought most from Rite Aid but i also bought some fro CVS

Wet  n Wild-235 Morbid/Morbide

First off..the bottle is small but the color is really nice..best i can describe is a black with moss green fine glitter.....heres the swatch

I applied two coats to get this color pay off!

Wet n Wild-238 Nocturnal/Nocturne

This polish is an extremely dark blue..in some light it looks black..i was hoping for the blue to show more but its still very beautiful.

heres the swatch

you can see what i mean about the blue being so dark its almost black!

CONFETTI-083-Party Palace Blue

This glittery blue is GORGEOUS!!..the polish its self has just a hint of blue in it,one coat it not enough for it to show so i suggest appling at least 3 coats...as for the glitter its a mixture to very small (dust) to about the reg size of glitter.

Here is a swatch..i applied 3 coats

CONFETTI - 071-Belle Of The Ball

This is a pastel purple which i am LOVING!!...it applies very smoothly

this is prob the best pastel purple i own!..Ive never heard of this brand before and i will be buying more of their colors!

here is the swatch..i applied 2 coats

isnt it gorgeous??

SinFulColors - 5115-Stormy

This color reminds alot of the wet n wild Morbid i just showed you (was the first polish posted on this post)
the only difference is instead of it being a mossy green glitter its more of an emerald

its showing up more blue then anything else in this photo..but i swear its green!!

here is the swatch..again -2 coats



This color is amazing!!...a real rustic Autumn color..very pigmented!!..this is one i recommend you add to your collection if you havent already!!

here is the swatch...i only applied one coat

and lastly...

SinfulColor - 5117 - Femme Fatale

this color is another beautiful one!..its blue with a hint of purple and there is also a small amount of blue glitter dust in this too!

here is the swatch...again 2 coats applied


So these where my finds for today..very happy with them all...These colors are also very suitable  for the upcoming holiday....HALLOWEEN!!!

I hope you liked this...please leave me comments with your thoughts and if you own any would love to here what you have to say about them!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

New tutorial--plaid floral design

I had already posted a photo of this design here on my blog not to long ago and so i decided to make a tutorial on how i did it.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hawaiian inspired Nail Art

I didnt plan on doing hawiian nails when i first started doing my nails but when i was finished it reminded me alot of hawaii so thats what im calling them.

I used my new china glaze polish-blue sparrow,a glittery pink by finger paints-cant think of the name at the moment.detailing brush and white acrylic paint for the flowers.then i added 2mm and 1mm clear rhinestone to the flowers.

I really like how these turned out..what do you think?

and also..i dont have a tutorial for these but would you possibly be interested in one??

Friday, September 10, 2010

China Glaze-blus sparrow (neon)

So recently bought a new nail polish from my sallys beauty supply. i bought the china glaze blue sparrow neon and wow!!..i thought the color looked amazing in the bottle but when i put it on my nails it was even more beautiful!!..prob one of my new favorite colors!

here is a design i did with it

If you dont own it i suggest you get it because it really is a fantastic color!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Polka dots and Autumn

Here are 2 new designs i have done recently.the first photo was just me playing around with polka dots and i keep adding on as i went.they turned out very girly

Th is other design is inspired by my favorite season..Autumn!!

i used a mixture of different greens,black and a nail stamping image of leafs..i mixed gold and black on the image...and also added some rhinestones :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The down side to growing Natural Nails-trying to fix a crack

I love my natural nails but when one breaks its upsetting because i have put so much time and care into growing them.today i cracked one and so i thought i would show you how im going to attempt to save my nail from cracking more.

First make sure the nail is cleaned of all polish,also make sure its oil free and soap free.

Next we get a teabag,it doesnt matter what blend of tea.All you need the paper.
so cut open your teabag and throw out the contents.
now cut out a section of the teabag like this
if you wanted to cover your entire nail,cut out a piece the same size as your nail...me on the other hand im just going to cut smaller pieces big enough to cover the crack.

now get you glue and apply it to your nail...and apply the piece of paper quickly before the glue dries,make sure to press all the paper on to the nail.if the glue dries before you have applied all the paper then apply a thin coat over the paper.

after i applied the glue and paper to my nail...this is what i had

after the glue has dried,get a nail file and gently file away any little bumps if there is any,then brush off the dust.

then apply a clear coat of polish.

After that go ahead and apply some polish and thats it....this is my finished result

its not perfect i know but it works!

when it comes to re-doing your nails you will have to repeat the same all over again which is a major pain but if it helps save my nail its worth it!

hope you all found this helpful

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Problems with leaving comments on my blog

I didnt realize until today that comments couldnt be left on my blog!..but that is all fixed now so pls feel free to comment away and im also very sorry,i havent really messed around on here so i dont know how to make things work but im learning!..thank you to all my followers!!!

Trying to learn How to use acrylics

so these are designs i have done so far using acrylics..some are BAD!! and some are ok but nothing great.

this was my first ever attempted at doing a full nail.the flower turned out soooo bad because at the time i had only one brush and it was so fluffy,there was no way i could shape my acrylic the way i wanted.

Another bad design!!..not sure what i was trying to do here...lol

this one isnt to bad i guess..i was proud of this one because it was the first one i had done that i liked!!

I really like this.i called it the puppy paw print..the entire design i used acrylics..except for the 2 smaller paw prints.

this is another one that turned out alright.
I love the purple however it was a pain to deal with it.i bought the acrylic off ebay,it had no name and no description.

I dont know really what to say about this one.Its very ugly i know,but i just wanted to experiment and this is what i ended up with.

now this one i do like alot,but again could have done alot better

I also really like this design too.the only thing acrylic is the flower and leaf..sometimes simple is good!

And there you have it!..thanks for taking time out to look at my photos!!

pls feel free to leave comments!

Update on my Nail Art journy-Acrylics

the one thing i love doing these days are my nails!! i started off hand painting my nails but here lately i have gotten into using Acyrlics.I bought all my stuff off ebay and Im very happy!!I find ebay to be a great source for rhinestones,spangles any nail art ART...as for gels and acrylics not so much and for only one reason---you cant be 100% sure of what your buying,so you got to be careful and make sure to pay attention to what your bidding on!!

but anyways,so here are a few photos of some of the Acrylics i bought,just wanted to share.I may do an update video on my nail art collection/storage as ALOT has changed.

 anyways...here is some of my new stuff!

All that came in the NSI kit.

The Acrylic liquid also came with the kit
but the others i bought separate.     

A bunch of fake nails..different kinds and different colors

brushes are a must!!..these are cheap ones but they do work!!

got a deal on cuticle oil so i couldnt pass these up.havent been using them long but so far so good :)

And more files!

I also bought a seashell acrylic mold,uv top coat sealer,brush on glue and a foam fake nail stand.

And i did actually buy acrylic liquid and powders off ebay.I dont intend of using them on my nails or anyone elses,i just got them to practice with on fake nails!

but there you have it!..all the new stuff i have bought and loving!