Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Design for short nails

So last night I took out some black,white and orange polish along with a doter and decided to marbled nail art!I havent painted short nails in a long time so i want to sure how they would turn out....but i guess they dont look bad.

heres what i did...


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful. I love the way all the colors blend!

Iroshi Windwalker said...

I just found this picture on pinterest (though it was linked to bestnailartpictures.com which actually WATERMARKED your picture!!! -
http://www.bestnailartpictures.com/nail-painting-ideas-for-short-nails-pictures-photos-wallpapers-video/3 or http://www.bestnailartpictures.com/contentimages/nail-painting-ideas-for-short-nails-pictures-photos-wallpapers-video/nail-painting-ideas-for-short-nails-pictures-photos-wallpapers-video-photos-1.jpg for the picture itself)

Anyway, I did a google image search to find the actual nail artist, and I just had to tell you how gorgeous these are. And even a short glance at your blog tells me I'm subscribing immediately. I -love- good nail art, and it's definitely found here!

This manicure in particular immediately makes me think of cloisonne jewelry! It absolutely looks like gorgeous enamel!

Nail designs said...

That's a very wonderful and pretty nail design. I love it!

sony hd gallery said...

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