Thursday, October 21, 2010

My new hair !!

Every so often i get a wild urge to do something different to my hair so this time around i decided I wanted to do purple...not to all my hair,i think that would have been to much and i dont think it would have suited me so i did a section the front purple and then the rest of my hair black.

I bleached the section of hair i was going to color purple first . It turned out horrible ..half blond and half orange  but thankfully i wasnt going for the blond look so i reapplied more bleach to the orange parts and that worked..then i applied a semi permanent purple dye i found at CVS ..the brand is splat.I have never heard or tried of this brand before but have heard that the color fades fast so i will find out soon enough!

I wasnt loving the results..i was thinking why did i do this??? is a photo of me after just adding the looks bad with my previously hair color

then I colored the rest of my hair black

Not sure what to make of it....dunno if i like it or not ...I love the purple just not sure if it goes with me.

And because of the new hair and had to give myself a lil make over so i played with some makeup...and since doing my makeup i realized i really love my hair when wearing


vita86 said...

I love the purple and black combo. lol, you should do a matching nailart for it.

I've never used splat, but I heard it was crap. Special Effects is suppose to be the best to get. I personally use Manic Panic cause it's easier to get a hold of.

MadamLuck said...

thanks love!..i dont like splat to be cant see it in the photos but parts of my scalp are stained really bad and it wont come out!! the reason i bought it is because it was the only purple brand i found while at the store,will have to go visit Sallys!

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