Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wild flower eye makeup

Hers is a look i did as a contest entry on really proud of what i created and i think it turned out very well.

here is a close up of the flower

Here is a list of everything I used

for the flower

Sugarpill - buttercupcake (yellow) flamepoint (orange) and poison plum (purple)
My MUFE flash color in black
Elf black eyeshadow
The green i from mineral magic  but doesnt have a name...sorry

for the other eye
Elf  black eyeshadow
the purple is from mineral magic ( i had won it and it didnt come with a name...sorry)
2mm and 1mm rhinestones

For the lips
Purple TWC lipstick
milani glitzy glamour gloss-starshine


Anonymous said...

Wow this is really pretty, good job!

Camy said...

this is so pretty!

Deeptima said...

love love love it !! its amazing !!

Alice said...

amazing! I love hoe you make the leaves