Saturday, October 2, 2010

Halloween Nail Art -Jack O Lanterns

My newest halloween nail art design is all about jack o lanterns.Every year my kids and my self,along with daddy go get a bunch of pumpkins and make a family night of carving,being creative and just having good ole fun!!

so here is the design i did

this is such a cute and fun design!!..but you will need a steady hand!!

Here is a tutorial I did on this design


 And you wanted to check out my youtube channel here is the link


Alice said...

OMG!! this is def a WIN!! :) i really like this!!!

Nikki Warner said...

very cute! I'm doing a Halloween series an was thinking of doing a french too...haven't decide yet though.

rins said...


fingernail said...

Lovely.I am attracted by the design!