Saturday, September 4, 2010

Update on my Nail Art journy-Acrylics

the one thing i love doing these days are my nails!! i started off hand painting my nails but here lately i have gotten into using Acyrlics.I bought all my stuff off ebay and Im very happy!!I find ebay to be a great source for rhinestones,spangles any nail art for gels and acrylics not so much and for only one reason---you cant be 100% sure of what your buying,so you got to be careful and make sure to pay attention to what your bidding on!!

but anyways,so here are a few photos of some of the Acrylics i bought,just wanted to share.I may do an update video on my nail art collection/storage as ALOT has changed. is some of my new stuff!

All that came in the NSI kit.

The Acrylic liquid also came with the kit
but the others i bought separate.     

A bunch of fake nails..different kinds and different colors

brushes are a must!!..these are cheap ones but they do work!!

got a deal on cuticle oil so i couldnt pass these up.havent been using them long but so far so good :)

And more files!

I also bought a seashell acrylic mold,uv top coat sealer,brush on glue and a foam fake nail stand.

And i did actually buy acrylic liquid and powders off ebay.I dont intend of using them on my nails or anyone elses,i just got them to practice with on fake nails!

but there you have it!..all the new stuff i have bought and loving!


Nikki Warner said...

So, I see you are using the thumb. Do you use tips or whole nails in those?

MadamLuck said...

i only used either a white or clear tip.

aoana said...

very nice package
can not tell me the website from which you purchasedall these
I'm glad you decided to work with acryl and I look forward to seeing your next creations with acryl