Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nail polish haul- Initial Reviews - Photos and swatches

So today i was out and about.While out i ended up buying 7 new polishes that looked really nice and i have to say it was money well spent!...but the best part is i only spent $2 for each polish :)

I bought most from Rite Aid but i also bought some fro CVS

Wet  n Wild-235 Morbid/Morbide

First off..the bottle is small but the color is really i can describe is a black with moss green fine glitter.....heres the swatch

I applied two coats to get this color pay off!

Wet n Wild-238 Nocturnal/Nocturne

This polish is an extremely dark some light it looks black..i was hoping for the blue to show more but its still very beautiful.

heres the swatch

you can see what i mean about the blue being so dark its almost black!

CONFETTI-083-Party Palace Blue

This glittery blue is GORGEOUS!!..the polish its self has just a hint of blue in it,one coat it not enough for it to show so i suggest appling at least 3 for the glitter its a mixture to very small (dust) to about the reg size of glitter.

Here is a swatch..i applied 3 coats

CONFETTI - 071-Belle Of The Ball

This is a pastel purple which i am LOVING!! applies very smoothly

this is prob the best pastel purple i own!..Ive never heard of this brand before and i will be buying more of their colors!

here is the swatch..i applied 2 coats

isnt it gorgeous??

SinFulColors - 5115-Stormy

This color reminds alot of the wet n wild Morbid i just showed you (was the first polish posted on this post)
the only difference is instead of it being a mossy green glitter its more of an emerald

its showing up more blue then anything else in this photo..but i swear its green!!

here is the swatch..again -2 coats



This color is amazing!!...a real rustic Autumn color..very pigmented!!..this is one i recommend you add to your collection if you havent already!!

here is the swatch...i only applied one coat

and lastly...

SinfulColor - 5117 - Femme Fatale

this color is another beautiful one!..its blue with a hint of purple and there is also a small amount of blue glitter dust in this too!

here is the swatch...again 2 coats applied


So these where my finds for today..very happy with them all...These colors are also very suitable  for the upcoming holiday....HALLOWEEN!!!

I hope you liked this...please leave me comments with your thoughts and if you own any would love to here what you have to say about them!

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