Sunday, September 5, 2010

The down side to growing Natural Nails-trying to fix a crack

I love my natural nails but when one breaks its upsetting because i have put so much time and care into growing i cracked one and so i thought i would show you how im going to attempt to save my nail from cracking more.

First make sure the nail is cleaned of all polish,also make sure its oil free and soap free.

Next we get a teabag,it doesnt matter what blend of tea.All you need the paper.
so cut open your teabag and throw out the contents.
now cut out a section of the teabag like this
if you wanted to cover your entire nail,cut out a piece the same size as your on the other hand im just going to cut smaller pieces big enough to cover the crack.

now get you glue and apply it to your nail...and apply the piece of paper quickly before the glue dries,make sure to press all the paper on to the nail.if the glue dries before you have applied all the paper then apply a thin coat over the paper.

after i applied the glue and paper to my nail...this is what i had

after the glue has dried,get a nail file and gently file away any little bumps if there is any,then brush off the dust.

then apply a clear coat of polish.

After that go ahead and apply some polish and thats it....this is my finished result

its not perfect i know but it works!

when it comes to re-doing your nails you will have to repeat the same all over again which is a major pain but if it helps save my nail its worth it!

hope you all found this helpful


Bold Beauty said...

That is awesome! I didn't know house hold products such as a tea bag could serve as a bandaid to a cracked nail! nice info!

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Camy said...

I do this too sometimes :)

Rasta said...

I've heard about this tehnique, but I never tried it yet. How long does this stay on?

MadamLuck said...

sometimes i have to re-do it when i re-do my depends on how long you wear the design for..if your lucky 2 weeks but more likely a week..but thats for me as im always using my hands for one thing or another.

kareen campbell said...

i broke a nail also but never thought of tea bag nice idea love it