Friday, September 24, 2010

Another halloween SFX burn

So today i got inspired by the one and only Goldiestarling .You can find her on both Youtube and Twitter. If you dont know who she is you are missing out!! amazingly talented woman!

here is a link to her youtube channel

But today i saw one of her new videos on creating burns using latex and tissue paper.I have heard of people doing it that way before but she showed you so well how to do it i couldnt help but NOT do it,so i did.

It took awhile to do mainly because of the wait time for the latex to dry but it was really fun creating it the way i wanted and now that i have successfully recreated what she did ..i have a bunch of other gross things in mind to do!!

And so here is what i created.....

for the coloring i used my MUFE 12 flash color,white and black,then to smooth out the color on the edges i just used some of my skin tone liquid foundation.

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